Pure HTML/CSS output

Get exports without JS library.

Our tool can convert Adobe Edge animations to pure HTML and CSS without JavaScript library.

Conversion in a second

Upload your Adobe Edge banners and get a result in one second.

Conversion is really quick. Just upload Adobe Edge banner and after one click you will get result.

Masive image optimization

Struggling with data size limits? Use our tool to get optimal result.

In our tool you can also optimize your image. Tool ensures optimize data size of images for succesful usage in ad systems.

Bulk exports for ad systems

You can get final exports for Google AdWords, AdForm or DoubleClick in few clicks.

No more reading specifications how to prepare banners for specific ad systems. Just choose which system you want and our tool will do it instead of you.

Full browser support

CSS animations are supported in all newer versions of today's browsers.

Fallbacks and image backups

Create fallback states (HTML/CSS) or backup images by 1 click.

Full archive history

Have all your banners at one place during years.

Technical watchdog

Tool watchs your banner codes and catches potentional problems.

Our tool controls if everything is ready for succesful upload to your ad system.

Our story

We are a small team of guys who love web animations. Our daily mission is delivering animated HTML5 banners to our clients from all over the world.

Trying all existing software, we, like lot of you, fell in love into Adobe Edge Animate which is probably the best tool thanks to its user interface. Never mind that Edge is gone, we still use this piece of software instead of non-friendly Google Web Designer or whatever else.

We cooperates with many creative agencies who we are developing HTML banners for. In this bussines, efficency is needed, reliability is appreciated. The decision of creating EasyKeyframes.com led to massive time savings in our team as well as other teams and individuals.

I don't know Adobe Edge Animate CC

Adobe Edge Animate CC is currently the best application for making animations. Adobe Edge Animace CC is included in Creative Cloud. Also you can try this awesome application in trial version.

Alright, I know Adobe Edge Animate CC. What's next?

Only one disadvantage of this application are exports, because files include JavaScript library which has over 100 Kbs. Those exports are not allowed in ad systems (AdWords, DoubleClick...). Our tool can take exports from Adobe Edge Animate CC and convert them to pure HTML&CSS without JavaScript library. Then you can use them in ad systems.

Alternative is using Google Webdesigner but this application was released just in beta version and isn't perfect. Actually is really bad.

Also you can write whole animation manually in HTML editor, but it is not comfortable for making more complicated animations. In Adobe Edge Animate CC you don't need have any knowledge of HTML&CSS. Everything is simple and our tool is here to help you!


Here you can see export from Adobe Edge Animate CC. And next to first animation is export from our tool - pure HTML and CSS. It's the same, isn't it?

Contact us

If you have a feedback, question or consider a cooperation, let us know.



Frequently Asked Questions

Adobe Edge animations are made with JavaScript. So slight differents can be found.

It is free! :)

Yes. We develop banners for our clients (especially media agencies). If you would need more complicated banner (e.g. interactive), we are able to assist you. Just contact us.

How it works

  • Create
    Adobe Edge animation
  • ZIP all
    Adobe Edge
  • Upload
    ZIP to
    our tool
  • Download animations
    without JS
  • Enjoy
    your saved

Create animation

In Adobe Edge Animate CC.

ZIP all Adobe Edge files

Upload ZIP to our tool

Download animations withous JS

Done! Now you can use them in ad systems.

Enjoy your saved time!